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Use the coupon code DEGRASSI to save 20% off! Click here to browse our shop!

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I lost it at the end.

Okay, I had to check out the Van Eyck thing. I was a bit in denial because, come on, every single person can’t look like President Putin!

There are no words to describe how wrong I was.

Reblogging this for my art history class this semester


The art historian in me had to reblog this.

I love art and this is so funny!

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In honor of the first day of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, a few fun physics facts about summer, courtesy of the Perimeter Institute (check out more here)

Happy summer everyone!

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SkyWeek April 14 - 20, 2014

Late on Monday April 14th or very early on Tuesday morning, weather permitting, everyone in North America gets to witness a total eclipse of the Moon.

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16 Google Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

In Google Maps, search for “Police Telephone Box.” It will bring you Earl’s Court Station. Go to the location’s streetview and you’ll see the Doctor Who TARDIS on the sidewalk. Click the double-white arrows in front of the police box and you’ll be sent to the inside of the time machine. Once inside, you’ll be able to have a 360-degree view of its interior.

Hah kinda neat (:

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"What about when you get old?"
Tattooed Seniors answer the question.

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The awakened mind is like water. It flows where it flows, envelopes all things in its path, doesn’t try to change anything, yet in its steadiness all things change. It goes in and out, around and over, above and below, and without meaning to, it penetrates whatever it can. It delights in its own movement and in anything that allows or doesn’t allow it. And eventually everything allows it. From “A Thousand Names for Joy” by Byron Katie (via ashramof1)

This is pretty….

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How to Make Homemade Pop Tarts! - Step by Step Instructions

S’Mores Pop Tarts Recipe | PBS Food

Omg these look really good